Ken Blanchard on Leadership & The New One Minute Manager

Today’s guest contributor is Ken Blanchard, PhD, one of the most influential leadership experts in the world. He has co-authored 60 books, and his groundbreaking works have been translated into 42 languages. Along with his wife, Margie, he is co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a leading international training and consulting firm. This post was originally published on April 27, 2015 at To learn more about The New One Minute Manager and download the first chapter, visit The New One Minute Manager website.


Ken Blanchard leadershipIn November 1980 my wife, Margie, and I met Spencer Johnson at a cocktail party.

At that time, Spencer was a successful writer of children’s books while I was just starting out in the world of business. After meeting Spencer, Margie said to us, “You two should write a children’s book for managers. They won’t read anything else.”

With that, The One Minute Manager was born.

4 ways to tap the power of positive thinking and confidence

Today’s guest contributor is Darlene Hunter, president of Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC. Darlene is a  motivational speaker, author, life and business coach, and award-winning radio talk show host. Her new book, Win-Ability, Navigating through Life’s Challenges with a Winning Attitude, is her fourth on the theme of perseverance.


positive thinkingFear, insecurity, and self-doubt can be the biggest obstacles many of us face in life.

To overcome this negativity, many people turn to unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating or alcohol abuse.

Compulsive or addictive behavior may temporarily numb the negativity, but it won’t put you on a healthy and wholesome path.

While some people buy very expensive things to feel more confident, there’s a better, more affordable way to yield the same result—and that’s positive thinking.

Leaders Go First!

Dov Baron works with leaders in creating teams that become fiercely loyal. He was named by Inc magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference. His latest book is Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent.


leaders looking under the hoodWe’ve all had the unenviable experience of dealing with leaders who lack integrity. At the very least, that can be frustrating and demoralizing. 

On the other hand, great leaders have the ability to inspire us, and nothing is more inspiring than a leader who walks their talk. 

The invitation

Use Wind In Your Sails to Accelerate Your Leadership

DJ Greer Wind In Your SailsJane recently wrote over at The Lead Change Group a post on Life, Love, & Leadership Lessons In Unlikely Places. In my book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Success,  I help push entrepreneurs into their own unlikely places.

Creating Challenges

In my recent Lead Change Group post Synergy, I wrote of the need to challenge people out of their comfort zones. Pushing people into their “purposeful discomfort” as Jane wrote in her post. We will only make really change, including accelerating our businesses and organizations, if we as leaders challenge those who work for us. We have to make people uncomfortable in order to push them and ourselves into new areas.

How Savvy Are You About Office Politics?

Today’s guest contributor is Bonnie Marcus, author of The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead (Wiley, March 2015). You can learn more by visiting her site or by picking up a copy on Amazon.


playing office politics wellPolitical savvy is critical for career success and the good news is that you don’t need to lose your integrity in the process.

Political savvy involves developing relationships and a sensitivity to the culture of the organization.

This can be accomplished over time with the use of keen observation and listening skills.

Using Lisa Mainiero’s work as a guide, I have identified four stages for development of political savvy.

Women, High Heels and L.E.A.D.

Today’s guest contributor is Debora McLaughlin, CEO of The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group, executive coach, and author. Debora helps business owners, executives, and managers ignite their inner renegade leader to unleash their full potential, drive their visions, and yield positive results both in business and in life.  


women leadersI’d like to see business women celebrate Women’s History Month by taking the L.E.A.D. and embracing their inner Sofia Vergara.

There’s more to her than meets the eye.  

She’s been the top-earning actress on television for three years running and is a wildly successful entrepreneur who embraces herself, including her own beauty, her 40s, her health as a thyroid cancer survivor, her previous status as a single mother, her multiple endorsement deals from corporations that reflect her life—and she does it all with swagger. She represents a new face in business leadership. Multiple studies have found that personality traits formerly thought of as “feminine” are now seen as preferred leadership features in business.

Solitude: a surprise tool for making important decisions

Edward G. Brown is today’s guest contributor. He is the author of The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had and co-founder of Cohen Brown Management Group, the #1 firm in culture change management consulting and training for the financial services industry. You can connect with Edward on Twitter.


“What? You’re not meditating?” demanded a recent article.

The article went on to explore today’s “mindfulness meditation” mania, so popular that it has already sparked the backlash that we fickle beings accord anything that captivates us for longer than a news cycle.  

(I’ll say this for our hyper-connected world: These days the backlash comes so fast that there’s less danger of your having overinvested in the original craze it’s lashing back at.)  

Gender equality: what’s it gonna take to make us pay attention?


gender equalityThe national movement that’s begun in sports to hold domestic violence abusers accountable is both gratifying and long overdue.

I live in South Carolina, which for too long, has been one of the worst states for violence against women. State government is currently on a (hopeful) path to enact some meaningful legislation.

Interest and action in South Carolina were spurred by a tremendous series by the Post and Courier—articles were graphic and full of hard-hitting (no pun intended) domestic violence statistics. The movement in sports, especially the NFL, in addressing domestic violence finally took off after the horrific video of Ray Rice punching his fiance went viral.

IWD 2015: Women & Men Make It Happen

women making their voice heard“In 2015, ‘awareness’ is out—action is in” — reads a TIME post for International Women’s Day.

Agreed, it is time for more action around gender equality, but let’s not totally discard the awareness! Paying attention keeps men and women focused on the issues. Being under the microscope is good because without it progress slows, even stops. (And without it, South Carolina politicians will continue feeling free to think women are *sigh* lesser cuts of meat.”)

I work to challenge stereotypes and gender bias, and see three ways for women and like-minded men to “make it happen” in 2015:

3 things to do next time


what to do next timeEach month without fail over the last several years, I’d volunteered for this group. So seeing a new monthly schedule that didn’t contain my name was a surprise. 

In rapid succession, surprise was replaced with anger (how dare they!), then doubt (don’t they want my help anymore?), followed by reflectiveness (is there a message buried somewhere in here?), and finally, curiosity (what’s going on?).

Years ago depending on where I was in my personal development, I would have gotten stuck somewhere in that chain.