7 things you need to know about you


know about youDo you want to be one of those leaders everyone seeks out?

The one whom everyone aspires to be like?

Or who gets asked for their guidance or to be a mentor?

If your goal is being that kind of leader, one who uses their head to manage and their heart to lead, your first step is getting “you” right.

How to apply networking skills to social media

LeadBIG tips for personal developmentToday’s guest contributor is Marsha Friedman, a public relations expert and founder and CEO of EMSI Public Relations(www.emsincorporated.com). Marsha is an author, sought-after advisor on PR issues and strategies, and speaker.  


I talk to a lot of business owners and authors who don’t “get” social media. 

A year or two ago when I’d speak with them, most were quick to say they didn’t understand it and didn’t need to.

Ready to hack 3 “bad boy” myths about power?


myths about power“Why do you keep talking about power?” Asked an exasperated gal pal. “It’s so nasty.”

Amen, girlfriend.

But isn’t it time for all that to change?

Bad boys and queen bees have co-opted power. Twisted it. Used it for themselves. Made it a bad thing.

All the more reason to keep talking about it. You know how your mom told you to stay away from those bad boys?

5 elements for rebuilding trust

5 elements to rebuild trustSaid by a confused employee to a colleague: “My boss told me he’s lost all trust in my ability to get the job done. What do I do to get him to trust me again?”

Trust is a complicated, complex, and fragile bond.

One that requires time and effort to grow, and unfortunately only a nanosecond to tear apart.

Brains spas, resolutions and BHAGs

brain spas and BHAGsA small group of us here in Charleston had grown tired of networking groups where much of what went on was people passing out business cards on a quest to discover if you are a likely business prospect.

So we created C3—a venue for meeting authentic people, engaging in meaningful conversation, and doing so for the pure joy of it.

Our “brain spa” is fueled by discussion questions that allow us to stimulate our thinking by means of invigorating conversation about current or historical events, controversial topics, philosophy, pop culture, etc.

Our resolutions for the new year was a topic in our December meeting.

3 ways to begin valuing difference

3 ways to value differencesBeing together again after so many years was pure delight. The connection took up as if we were finishing a conversation begun only the day before.

Familiarity is so comforting.


…there’s too much of it and its dark side surfaces: lack of innovation, narrow-minded thinking, ingrained and unquestioned bias, outdated practices, and failure to grow as a person.

Boredom, too.

So what’s the antidote to comfort zones with self-imposed boundaries that have become inflexible?

Getting More Women into Leadership Positions

path to women in leadershipIs your company interested in having higher productivity? Being more innovative? Research data links diversity to these improved results.

Surprised? Curious about where to begin?

Read on!

Ready to Start Changing Stereotypes about Family Time Off?

changing stereotypesIn spring 2014, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy took three days of paternity leave when his first child was born.

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing for a new dad to do, yet many sports announcers and fans soundly criticized his decision. Why? Because it resulted in him not playing in two baseball games. 

Why would such a simple decision create such an uproar?

The beauty and power of differences


power of differencesHubby returned home from running errands and excitedly told me about the new screens that had been installed on the gas pumps—screens that played music and TV shows.

“What a great concept,” he gushed. “Now I don’t have to just stand there anymore.”

Had hubby participated in the University of Virginia time alone study, I know he would have been in the 58% of participants who said being alone with their thoughts was difficult.

5 ways to lead from the head and the heart


lead with head and heartI’ve long believed that the options we face in life, love, and leadership aren’t limited to either/or choices. What I see is a bountiful array of both head and heart opportunities.

What do you see?

One area where someone’s either/or or both/and orientation shows up in stark head or heart contrast is in how they work with others—whether it’s at the office, home, in the community—in producing results.