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Coaching the Curve

Need a fresh perspective on coaching that shortens the path to performance and helps employees see past the curve so they can easily overcome obstacles?

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Ready to redefine leadership? Want to create a culture of constructive dissent? Respectful irreverence? Unrelenting empathy and unparalleled performance?

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We engage, inspire and challenge. Tell stories. Connect. Inform. Motivate. Educate. Make people reflect. Smile. Energize. Make a difference. Call to action.

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Check out Jane’s blog where she serves up insights to redefine performance, power and connection @ the intersection of the art of leadership & the science of business.

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What Clients Say

I enjoyed Jane's presentation Saturday on how to communicate with strength & confidence. I now have some additional tools in my tool belt!
Sharon Neuman, CPA, CGMA
Amy has facilitated several retreat and brainstorming sessions for Dayton Children's Hospital. She is creative, always prepared, and challenges our thinking. Amy always has a great way of understanding and connecting with her audience and leading them to great discussions and resolutions.
Matt Graybill, Vice President, Dayton Children's Hospital
Jane's attention to detail, care of individuals, ability to strategize, creativity and genuine love of the work is equal to her emotional intelligence and commitment to personal development. Jane is an exceptional human being whose love of life is infectious and inspiring.
Deborah Annes, Owner, DBE Consulting, Inc.
Amy is a true visionary -- she is able to see connections and devise a clear solutions path where others are blind. When most people have "aha" moments once a year, Amy has them daily! Her enthusiasm, intellect and passion toward any project create a momentum that results in sheer greatness. I appreciate Amy's deep knowledge, coupled with her breadth across varied organizational landscapes and experiences. Trust her innate sense: you won't be disappointed.
Amy Hale, Owner, Amy A. Hale Sales Compensation Consulting
Amy is an experienced, energetic, and results-oriented sales training professional. Her ability to understand our business and adjust her sales training methodology to our business really helped drive strong adoption by our sales team. They look forward to working with Amy as they know the knowledge she provides helps them achieve their goals. Amy’s ability to get sales’ buy-in and active participation has been critical to the success of our program.
Gregory Billhardt, SVP Quiktron
Jane is a passionate, intelligent and creative professional who consistently gets amazing things done. Her wealth of experience combined with a calm, thoughtful demeanor allows her to connect dots that most people would miss, make informed decisions and lead a cohesive team to success.
Sean Kearney, Executive Director, Learning and Development, AT&T Broadband
Jane Perdue was astounding as today's speaker at the Influential Women in Business award luncheon.
Grady Johnson, President, Charleston Regional Business Journal

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