Looking to see leadership practiced in a new way? Maximize the power of differences? Tackle biases? If so, work with us to disrupt your personal and professional leadership status quo.


Is conformist leadership thinking limiting your ability to achieve high engagement and performance? Partner with BIG’s well-mannered mavericks to challenge your status quo through our speaking, training, and workshop facilitation.


Are your leaders adept at delivering high performance by managing competing demands?  Work with BIG to learn paradoxical both/and leadership practices and improve strategic agility.


Do your leadership practices leverage the power of diversity of thought, perspective, and opinion? Use BIG’s OD consulting and coaching services to create alignment between your people, process, and planning activities.

LeadBIG Blog

Check out BIG founder Jane Perdue’s blog where she serves up insights for redefining power and performance at the intersection of the art of leadership and the science of business.


Build capabilities so women and leaders in organizations large and small can question assumptions, leverage differences, be kind, deliver results and relationships, promote equality, and create opportunity.

Inspire women and men to work together to weave a new tapestry of business practices where sex, gender, race, age, and size are irrelevant; where diversity of thought is the norm; where each person’s uniqueness and contributions define them; and where power is practiced as both capacity and control.

Help individuals and organizations disrupt the status quo. Leverage the power of differences. Reduce stereotypes and bias. Instigate playfulness and curiosity. Promote constructive dissent. Manage paradox. Instill a bias for thoughtful action.

Are your leaders adept at delivering high performance by managing competing demands?  Work with BIG to learn paradoxical both/and leadership practices and improve strategic agility. Find out more…

Having a fresh set of fact-based eyes can be incredibly valuable for an organization or individual in resolving a stubborn problem, building capacity, or learning to leverage differences. BIG’s OD consulting focuses on improving organizational effectiveness—group problem-solving, team development, talent management and the myriad other interactions occurring between people, processes, planning, and systems. Find out more…

Executive coaching plays a critical role in the effectiveness of action learning—the process of learning through doing by using actual work projects or problems as a way to increase proficiency and mastery. BIG’s coaching programs have a rigorous focus on self-awareness, action and results, balancing constructive relationships with stretching skill boundaries. Find out more…

A good story teaches us effective lessons and can be more valuable than a multitude of theories. Book Jane, BIG’s founder, for your next keynote, conference, or workshop. With a warm and engaging style that makes her audience feel like she is speaking one-on-one with them, Jane packs her presentations with how-to’s, humor, stories, research, and inspiration. Find out more…